Facing the wrath and spittle of Sicilian guides on Mount Etna

Red-faced, spitting and swearing, the guide rages that we disrespect the rules, while his group wait wide-eyed and silent behind him. I have never, until this point, experienced anyone who is literally apoplectic. I feel strangely calm. I hold my hands up: “Calm down. Please stop swearing at me.” I suggest he might want to … More Facing the wrath and spittle of Sicilian guides on Mount Etna

A wreck alive

The sunken ship looms up ahead. A ghostly shape in the underwater gloom. The Japanese shipwreck from WWII remains here where it sunk 70 years ago. Swimming closer you can clearly see the curved stern of the boat and the remains of the rudder and propeller but the bow is crumpled. Whether through being bombed … More A wreck alive

“Turtle Time”

It looks exhausting! These poor female turtles hauling their 160kg bodies up the beach to a high spot, digging a 75cm hole, laying up to 150 eggs and then hauling themselves back to the sea before the sun rises. And they do this several times in a season. We are on Selingan Island in the … More “Turtle Time”

Respecting Mount Kinabalu

“If you disrespect the mountain, nature will disrespect you” warns our worried-looking guide, Felix. The earthquake on Mount Kinabalu that killed 19 people two-years ago, was attributed to the disrespectful actions of hikers two weeks before. Deeply superstitious, the local people blamed the tourists, who stripped naked for photos at the summit. for the subsequent … More Respecting Mount Kinabalu